Your office, to go*

Stay in sync. A computer at your office, one at home, a notebook for traveling and maybe even a smart phone. How do you keep them all in sync? With DeskOptional. Now you can manage your email, calendar, contacts, tasks and documents from anywhere.

You can take it with you. Your information the same information always available wherever you are, automatically. No copying files around, plugging in cables or syncing in cradles. No reading the same email multiple times or looking at outdated calendars or phone numbers. You can work effectively from anywhere these days, your desk is optional.

  • On the move: Access your email, contacts and critical documents from wherever you are with a DeskOptional-powered smart phone smart phone like the iPhone, Android phones, or Blackberry.
  • At Home: Use your home Internet connection to work with Outlook just like you do at the office.
  • Travel: Use a browser to securely manage your information from any Internet connection.

Big business capabilities. But at a small business price.

  • Backup: Your information is always backed up, always automatically.
  • Spam protection: The vast majority of spam is eliminated before it even gets to you, leaving very little in the Junk Email folder for your review.
  • Virus protection: Dual virus shields are updated hourly to always provide the latest protection.
  • Security: Industrial-strength security protects your data at all times using 128-bit encryption.
  • No cradles: Your smart phone is always in sync, and you never have to remember to put it in a cradle.

We'll handle everything. DeskOptional's personal service takes the hassle out of using technology we set up, maintain and support everything for you.

  • You don't lose a thing. Keep all the information that you already have in Outlook while immediately enjoying the benefits of DeskOptional.
  • We make smart phones work. With DeskOptional, your smart phone will suddenly seem a lot more intelligent because it will just work.
  • Your own IT staff: DeskOptional is your personal attentive IT staff, always monitoring and maintaining your system, always available to help.

Get up. Move around. Now you have the freedom to work from anywhere, because your desk is optional.

Start right now. It's easy to take advantage of DeskOptional capabilities. Call (888) 440-9539 or (505) 843-9539 or email.